Iowa History 101

    With an array of artifacts from the State Historical Museum of Iowa’s collection, a trio of new exhibitions called Iowa History 101 digs into the bedrock stories that every Iowan should know. One exhibition is a traditional museum show, another is a “hands-on” learning gallery for children, and the third is a traveling display in a Winnebago, which will visit all 99 counties in the next three years.

    Iowans share a fascination with being Iowan. But what does it really mean to be Iowan? Iowa History 101 explores the history of Iowans at home, work and play – and how that shapes who we are today. Like a visit to your grandparents’ attic, this exhibition unpacks the stories of Iowa’s past with dozens of artifacts from the State Historical Museum of Iowa’s collection.


    • Examine one farm family’s first radio and imagine how electricity changed life for rural Iowans.
    • See a homemade maternity outfit from the Baby Boom.
    • Admire sprinter Natasha Kaiser-Brown’s Olympic warm-up jacket.
    • Study the boots Charlie Wittmack laced up to hike Mount Everest.
    • Marvel at the NASA flight suit Peggy Whitson wore into space.