Participate in a student or teacher workshop to learn more about National History Day, the annual theme and how to put together a great project.

Contest Kickoff

Join us at the National History Day Kickoff to learn about using primary sources, newspapers and archives to research your topic and explore the various ways to present your work: as an exhibit, a website, a documentary, a paper or a performance. You will also receive an overview of this year’s contest, theme and rules.

History Labs

Get a jump start on your National History Day project and register for a History Lab this fall. History Labs are research open houses for students, teachers and parents to discover primary and secondary resources, special collections and to network with local librarians and historians. Each History Lab will start with an introduction to the library’s collection and provide a flexible time frame for attendees to explore. You are welcome to bring topic ideas and research materials to begin working on your project analysis. View all scheduled History Labs.

History Day 101 Student Workshops

Attend a one-day, hands-on workshop to improve your National History Day skills. Jump start your project by learning about the theme, how to analyze documents and artifacts, start your research and more. History Day 101 workshops are held in late summer each year.

Summer Teacher Institute

Improve your National History Day strategies at this two day, hands-on, workshop experience. Learn about the theme, explore project categories, learn research strategies and network with other teachers across the state.