History on the Move

    Iowa History 101

    If you can’t make it to the State Historical Museum in Des Moines, why not let it come to you? The "Iowa History 101" multimedia exhibit in a custom-built Winnebago is now traveling the highways and backroads to share the stories of Iowa’s past and showcase some of the artifacts from the museum’s collection. 

    On August 30, the State Historical Museum of Iowa in partnership with EMC Insurance Companies and American Pickers star Mike Wolfe announced a new exhibit that will travel the state in 2017, 2018 and 2019. If you are interested in having this new exhibit visit your community please submit your request to schedule a visit.

    If you have any questions about History on the Move or how to promote it, feel free to contact any of the following staffers at the State Historical Society of Iowa.

    Scheduling Accepting Requests for 2017-2019

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    Educational Programs Jennifer Cooley Email | 515.281.6860
    Artifacts Andrew Harrington Email | 515.725.2921
    Other Inquiries Michael Morain Email | 515.725.1141