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"Safeguard America!" Speech, 1920

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Courtesy of Library of Congress, Robinson, Corinne Roosevelt, 1920


The speech was made by Corinne Roosevelt Robinson, the sister of President Theodore Roosevelt. She was supporting the Republican ticket of Senator William Harding and Governor Calvin Coolidge in the 1920 general election as "100 percent American, true patriotism, who have not failed to show marked efficiency and ability in public office."

Transcript of Corinne Roosevelt Robinson's Speech

Source-Dependent Questions

  • According to her speech, what does Corinne Roosevelt Robinson seem to like most about the Republican Party?
  • How does Roosevelt Robinson characterize the Democratic Party? What specific words and/or phrases does she use to achieve this characterization?
  • Roosevelt Robinson is the sister to former President Theodore Roosevelt, who died not long before this recording (Theodore Roosevelt died January 6, 1919). Are there any parts of the speech that reflect bias on her part? If so, which ones?

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