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Goldie at Home: Innovative Iowans

Innovative Iowans


On the first Saturday of the month, Goldie's Kids Club releases a digital Innovative Iowans activity for children and adults to do together at home. These programs involve interactive activities that connect history with STEAM education – science, technology, engineering, art and math. The easy-to-follow instructions require few materials and can provide children with a fun, hands-on approach to Iowa history.

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New & Upcoming Innovative Iowans Activities

Release Month Innovative Iowan & Activity Instructions Activity Video 
May 2023 Grenville Mellen Dodge Cracking Spy Codes
New monthly Innovative Iowans activities will return in September 2023

Create & Inquire with Past Innovative Iowans Activities

Jump into these interactive activities from past Innovative Iowans programs to learn more about Iowa history while flexing your creativity with STEAM-based fun. These activities can be used either at home or in a classroom. You can also find past activity videos on the Goldie's Kids Club YouTube Playlist.

Innovative Iowan/Topic Activity Instructions Activity Video
Paul Lester Errington Animal Journals Creating an Animal Journal
Don Hall and Ron Clements Animated History --
Maynard Reece Become an Iowa Birder  Birdwatching
Otto Rohwedder Bread Making  Easy Bread
Mother Mosque of America Celebrating Ramadan Good Deed Tree
Cloid H. Smith Chemical Reactions Dancing Popcorn
Dixie Cornell Gebhardt Comparing State Flags Flag Activity
John Atanasoff Computer Coding Creating Code
James Van Allen Constellation Jars Creating Stars
Potteries Creating Coil Pots --
Etta Budd Creating Homemade Paint
Creating Homemade Paint
The State Theater Designing Movie Posters --
Dutch Immigration Dutch Windmills Pinwheels
Geodes Eggshell Geodes Growing Geodes
Jesse Hiatt Experimenting with Red Delicious Apples Apple Experiment
Charles Edwin Bessey Flower Power Pressed Flowers
Bur Oak  Genealogy Oak Tree  Family Tree
Norman Borlaug Grow a Miniature Garden Mini Gardens
Produce Iowa Handprint Activity --
Iowa Pilots Iowans Take Flight Paper Airplanes
Russ Van Dyke Let It Snow Creating Snow
Ana Mendieta Nature Portraits Self Portraits
Sanborn Insurance Maps Neighborhood Maps Sanborn Maps
Air Pressure Noisemaker Activity --
Louise Frankel Rosenfield Noun Oral History Interviews --
Conestoga Wagons Pack Your Wagon --
George Gallup Gallup Polls Creating a Poll
Montauk Historic Site Snapshots of Montauk Montauk Photographs
Peggy Whitson Space! The Final Frontier --
State Seal of Iowa State Seals Designing a State Seal