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What is Creative Placemaking?

Creative placemaking and place-keeping puts the arts, culture and heritage at the center of community and economic development efforts.

In practice, successful creative placemaking can include a range of assets and public spaces connected to cultural, recreational, and entertainment uses.

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Why it Matters

  1. More than two-thirds of young people choose a place to live before a job. Greater amenities and quality of life are key factors in their decisions.
  2. Arts and cultural production in Iowa accounts for more than $4.5 B in economic activity, 43,000 jobs, and 2.3% of our state's economy. 
  3. The arts and culture, along with science and technology and business management, are three key sectors that drive regional economies forward.
  4. Research shows rural areas with more arts and design businesses, live music venues and performing arts facilities tend to:
    • Attract more out-of-county visitors;
    • Have higher business innovation scores.
    • Experience faster population growth;