Research Requests

    The Research Center team offers limited services for a maximum of two hours of research regarding a specific person, topic or event. If more extensive research is desired you will need to visit a center in person or hire a professional researcher.

    Please fill out and mail the Basic Research Request Form, along with a check for the minimum research fee of $15.00 (do not send cash or blank checks).

    Basic Research Request Fees

    The Research Center team will contact you to review your request and provide alternate recommendations if your request cannot be accommodated. The minimum payment of $15.00 is required in advance before work can begin on your request. The initial charge includes up to ten photocopies and shipping. Additional charges will be incurred for extra or specialized (death certificates, photographs, etc.) copies.

    Basic Research Request
    Includes 10 photocopies and shipping
    30 minutes (minimum) $15.00
    1 hour $30.00
    1 1/2 hours $45.00
    2 hours (maximum) $60.00
    Additional Charges Charge
    Additional copies (beyond 10 pages) $0.25/copy
    Shipping for additional copies
         11-25 copies $1
         26-50 copies $2
         51-100 copies $3
         101-150 copies $4
    Uncertified copies of indexed death certificates $7.50/each