RG 104 Human Services/Social Services

    Originally established in 1937 as the Board of Social Welfare by the 47th General Assembly, the duties of the agency has undergone numerous changes. In 1967, the 62nd General Assembly combined a number of functions of the former Board of Control and of the Board of Parole with Social Welfare to create the Department of Social Services. Renamed the Department of Human Services in July 1983 administrative responsibility for prisons, community corrections, and prison industries, assigned to the agency in 1967, were then transferred to the Department of Corrections. The following is a partial list of records:

    GeneralDate Span
    Commissioner, Subject Files 1972-1977
    Correspondence, Adult Corrections 1974-1978
    Council of Human Services, Staff Minutes 1984-1992
    Eldora, Account Book, Ledger, Receipts and Expenditures 1868-1885
    Eldora, Industrial School Payroll 1898-1910
    Eldora, Merit Book
    Eldora, Minutes of the Iowa State Reform School, Board of Trustees 1868-1884
    Eldora, Record of Deportments
    Employee Manuals 1940-1985
    Payroll Finals 1972