RG 099 Grand Army of the Republic

    The Grand Army of the Republic was created in 1866 as a national fraternal organization for Union veterans of the Civil War. Shortly thereafter Iowa chartered a State Department of the GAR. GAR records provide information on Civil War military service not only for men who served in Iowa regiments but also for Union veterans from other states who later joined a GAR post in Iowa. The following is a partial list of the GAR record in our holdings. A complete list of series is available at the Research Center in Des Moines.

    GeneralDate Span
    Cash Book (Post Fees) 1886-1892, 1900-1929
    Circulars for National Headquarters 1880-1947
    Combination Post Record (Reports of Rosters, Post Officers and Credentials) 1888-1936
    Correspondence c.1866-c.1950
    Credential Returns for State Encampments 1883-1888
    General Orders from National Headquarters 1868, 1882-1949
    Journals of National Encampments 1888-1943
    Journals of State Encampments 1888-1948
    Miscellaneous Records 1879-1950
    Muster Rolls of Post Membership, 1st and 2nd Series
    Official Programs, National Encampments 1885-1947
    Pension Records of Claims Agent, Attorney Henry Howard, (Illinois and Iowa) 1869-1910
    Pension Records of Claims Agent, Attorney John E, Beck (Washington County, Iowa)
    Post Records c.1866-c.1950
    Roll of Deaths of Members 1875-1909
    Subject Files c.1866-c.1950
    Membership Cards and Index c.1866-c.1950
    Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil WarDate Span
    Correspondence 1931-1950
    General Orders from the Iowa Department 1930-1954
    General Orders from National Headquarters 1930-1951
    Journal of the 38th National Convention 1928
    Membership Record Book, Tent #15, Redfield 1920-1931
    Pamphlets 1940-1951
    Iowa Union Ex-Prisoners of War AssociationDate Span
    Record of Prisoners of War 1881-c.1900
    Ladies of the Grand Army of the RepublicDate Span
    General Orders of the Iowa Department 1925-1951
    Miscellaneous Records 1896-1950
    Woman's Relief CorpsDate Span
    General Orders and Circular Letters from State Headquarters 1884-1952
    Rules and Regulations, Rituals and Services 1890-1914
    Pamphlets 1887-1943
    Presidential Addresses 1927-1947
    Miscellaneous Records 1887-1953
    Spanish-American WarDate Span
    Reports of Deaths of United Spanish War Veterans 1898-1976