RG 095 Water, Air and Waste Management

    The Department of Water, Air and Waste Management was created by the 69th General Assembly in 1982 with the responsibility of improving and maintaining the quality of water, air, and land resources in Iowa. The act also created a commission responsible for determining the departments policies and procedures and developing departmental programs. The following is a partial list of records series in from this record group in the holdings of the State Archives:

    GeneralDate Span
    Administrative Waivers - Natural Resources Council 1963-1977
    Administrative Waivers - Water, Air and Waste Management 1978-1983
    Agency Letters to Editor 1976
    Completed Investigations 1964-1975
    Construction Grants Programs 1973-1980
    Council Orders 1953-1983
    County Conservation Boards, Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plans 1975-1992
    Executive Correspondence 1974-1988
    Federal/State Programs and Projects 1972-1982
    Flood Plain Permits, Milldams 1924-1986
    Flood Plain Photographs Undated
    Hazardous Material Planning 1970-1978
    Hazardous Substance Incidents (Spill Files) 1970-1975
    Hazardous Waste Management 1975-1984
    Hearings 1957-1983, Undated
    Information and Educational Programs 1961, 1975-1981, Undated
    Landfills 1973-1975
    Legislative Liaison 1967-1984
    Legislative Proposals 1977-1978
    Litigation, Water Quality 1959-1980
    Milldams, Miscellaneous Lowhead Dam Files 1925-1949
    Minutes - Air Quality Commission
    Minutes - Energy Policy Council 1981-1986
    Minutes - Environmental Protection Commission 1982
    Minutes - Environmental Quality Commission 1981-1983
    Minutes - Environmental Quality Transition Team 1982
    Minutes - IMPACT 1985
    Minutes - Natural Resources Council 1953-1983
    Minutes - Rules and Standards Committee 1983-1986
    Minutes - Solid Waste Commission 1975
    Minutes - Water, Air and Waste Management 1983-1986
    Minutes - Water, Air and Waste Management, Closed Executive Session 1981-1984
    Multiple Permit Applications 1977-1984
    Priority List, Environmental Quality 1957-1980
    Program Planning and Project Development 1964-1985
    Radiation Planning 1977-1984
    Speeches 1974-1977
    State Implementation Plans, Plant and Regulatory Information
    Wastewater, Closed Facility Files 1940-1980
    Wastewater, Closed Legal Files 1954-1975
    Wastewater, Facility Files 1973-1981
    Wastewater, Facility Plans 1966-1979
    Wastewater, Preliminary Reports 1968-1980
    Wastewater, Sewage (Closed) 1966-1981
    Wastewater, Sewage Inventories 1941-1956
    Water Supply, Closed Facility Files Undated
    Water Supply, Preliminary Reports 1974-1980
    Water Supply, Railroad Files 1940-1976
    Water Supply, School Files 1940-1976
    Watershed Files 1949-1986