RG 075 Public Safety

    The Department of Public Safety was created in 1939 by the 48th General Assembly by combining several existing bureaus divisions under one executive head designated as the Commissioner of Public Safety. Included in the newly created department were the State Fire Marshal Division established in 1911, the Division of Criminal Investigation created in 1921, and the State Highway Patrol created in 1935. The following is a partial list of records from Public Safety available in our holdings:

    GeneralDate Span
    Correspondence, Executive 1972-1983
    Court Cases 1979-1988
    Departmental Meetings 1973-1986
    Federal Grant Project Books 1976-1984
    Fire Deaths Records Book 1958-1992
    Research and Development Bureau Project Grants 1974-1988
    Uniform Criminal Reports 1975-1990
    Weekly Criminal Bulletins from BCI 1940-1976