RG 073 Public Instruction/Education

    The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction was established under the 1846 Iowa Constitution, with the primary responsibility of distributing monies received by the School Fund to the counties. Numerous duties were soon added including holding teachers institutes and the general supervision of county superintendents. In 1913, the Department of Public Instruction was created by the General Assembly; it was renamed the Department of Education in 1986. The following is a partial list of record series in our holdings. A complete list is available in the Preliminary Guide to Records of the Public Instruction/Education at the Research Center in Des Moines.

    GeneralDate Span
    Annual Reports of County Superintendents 1873-1972
    Appeal Case Decisions 1861-1893
    Appeal Case Letter Books 1861-1922
    Correspondence 1921-1928, 1959-1970
    Cost Analysis and Statistical Reports 1911-1959, 1971-1973
    Education Agency Budgets 1984-1989
    High School Normal Training Examination Grade Sheets and Transcripts
    Letter Books of Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent 1848-1922
    Mining Camp Schools, Account Ledger 1927-1930
    Miscellaneous - Register of Teacher Institutes 1858-1889
    Miscellaneous - Reports 1951-1960, 1970-1972
    Miscellaneous - School Buildings (Completed) 1954-1956
    Miscellaneous - State Conferences and District Meetings 1930-1949
    Miscellaneous - Veterans 1953-1969
    Public Enrollment Records 1971-2001
    Rural Visitation Reports 1957-1963
    School Budget Review Committee, Minutes 1984-2001
    School Correspondence and Annual Evaluations 1946-1969
    School Reorganizations and Closings 1936-1968
    Senior and Junior High School Daily Program Cards 1933-1961
    Standard School Reports 1920-1945
    State Plans 1954-1967
    Board of Educational ExaminersDate Span
    Committee Reports and Minutes 1913-1952
    Fee Books and Classified Record of Fees 1907-1920, 1939-1948
    Letter Books 1882-1918
    Record of Proceedings 1912-1914
    Record of State Certificates 1898-1940
    Reports of Inspections, Teachers' Training Advisors 1930-1950
    Junior CollegesDate Span
    Annual Reports 1947-1966
    Correspondence 1952-1955
    State Board of Public InstructionDate Span
    Minutes 1954-1983
    Vocational EducationDate Span
    Annual Farm Reports 1960-1965
    Annual Vocational Agriculture Reports 1963-1965
    Annual Descriptive Report for Vocational Agriculture 1928-1968
    Applications for American Farmer Degrees 1938-1958, 1963-1969
    Board for Vocational Education - Administrative Files 1923-1937
    Board for Vocational Education - Subject Files 1920-1975
    Future Farmers of America - Membership 1929-1973
    Future Farmers of America - Iowa Future Farmers Magazine 1941-1970
    Vocational Agriculture Education Publications 1929-1968
    Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association Meeting Minutes 1928-1957