RG 065 Board of Nursing

    On March 12, 1907, the Iowa General Assembly passed an act requiring that nurses receive certificates from the State Board of Health and establishing a Board of Nurse Examiners; prior to this act hospitals set their own educational standards as a condition of employment. In 1935, the 46th General Assembly established the Iowa Board of Nursing as a separate department. Records in our holdings include:

    GeneralDate Span
    Meeting Minutes 1907-1986
    Official Register of Nurse Certificates 1907-1921
    Registered Nurse/Licensed Practical Nurse Progress Reports (Annual Reports of Nursing Schools) c.1974-2011
    Registered Nurse/Licensed Practical Nurse Surveys (Surveys of Nursing Schools) 1975-1997
    Report of Commission to Study Nursing in Iowa 1975
    School Files 1969-1975, Undated