RG 055 Supreme Court and Court of Appeals

    The Territorial Supreme Court of Iowa was organized on November 28, 1838, with justices appointed by the president and with appellate jurisdiction over all causes. When Iowa became a state on December 28, 1846; the states constitution provided for the creation of a State Supreme Court. In addition to the powers and duties of the territorial court, the new court was given the duty of reporting to the legislature all omissions, discrepancies, or other evident imperfections of the law. In 1976, the Court of Appeals was created as an intermediate court of appeal. The Supreme Court decides which cases it will hear and which cases will be transferred to the Court of Appeals. The following is a partial list of the records of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals records in our holdings. A complete list of record series is included in the Preliminary Guide to the Records of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals available Research Center in Des Moines.

    GeneralDate Span
    Abstracts and Arguments 1869-2007
    Admissions to the Bar on Motion Files 1981-2000
    Announcement Books 1912-1942
    Appeals, Proceedings, Transcripts, Papers Filed 1858-1945
    Applications for Admissions to the Bar 1848-2005
    Calendars 1855-1881
    Case Files 1840-1859, 1864-1886, 1921-2005
    Deed and Sales Record 1857-1866
    Docket Cards 1977-1998
    Execution Dockets 1843-1861
    Fee Books 1843-1907
    Final Judgments 1866-1881
    Judge's Submission Dockets 1904-1913
    Judgment Dockets 1848-1853
    Law Student Registrations 1975-1995
    Letter Books 1883-1906
    Minute Books 1842-1850
    Motion Books 1848-1964
    Opinion Blotter (Written Journal Record) 1906-1967
    Opinions, Supreme Court 1869-2005
    Opinions, Court of Appeals 1977-2005
    Original Entry Calendars 1882-1906
    Original Entry Calendar and Fee Book 1906-1965
    Original Entry Calendar and Fee Book - Index 1906-1965
    Parole Dockets 1908-1917
    Receipt Books 1900-1903
    Supreme Court Bar Docket 1843-1857
    Supreme Court Calendar 1844-1848
    Supreme Court Clerk's Calendar 1855-1885
    Supreme Court Clerk's Docket 1844-1890
    Supreme Court Clerk's Letter Books 1883-1906
    Supreme Court Docket 1849-1861
    Supreme Court Record 1848-1970