RG 053 Insurance

    In 1856, the legislature passed the first act governing insurance companies. From then until 1913, when the 35th General Assembly created the office of Commissioner of Insurance as the head of the Insurance Department, the State Auditor was responsible for supervising insurance companies in Iowa. The following is a partial list of record series from this record group in our holdings:

    GeneralDate Span
    Annual Financial Statements, County Mutual Companies 1959-1979, 1988
    Annual Financial Statements, Iowa Companies 1975
    Annual Financial Statements, Iowa Fire and Casualty Companies 1965-1974
    Annual Financial Statements, Iowa Life Insurance Companies 1965-1974
    Annual Financial Statements, Non-Iowa Reciprocal Exchanges 1965, 1967-1971
    Consolidated Annual Financial Statements, Non-Iowa Companies 1972-1974
    Exhibits, Accident and Health 1969-1970
    Exhibits, Consolidated Insurance Expense 1974
    Exhibits, Credit Life, Accident and Health 1965-1974
    Exhibits, Insurance Expense 1965-1974
    General Correspondence 1969
    Insurance Companies No Longer Licensed 1954-1971, Undated
    Insurance Schedules 1967-1968, 1971
    Litigation Files (Bankers Life and Casualty Company) 1951
    Mergers and Withdrawals of Insurance Companies 1958, 1962-1963
    Property/Casualty Forms Undated
    Rating and Statistical Bureau Files Undated
    Register of Insurance Companies 1930-1939
    Securities - Correspondence 1956-1970
    Securities - Legislation and Violation Files 1952-1967
    Securities - Miscellaneous Files 1955-1964
    Securities - Orders 1959-1970