RG 039 General Assembly

    The following is a partial list of records of the General Assembly in our holdings. The earliest records of the General Assembly, beginning in 1838 when Iowa became a territory, were kept by the Secretary of State and are included as a subgroup in the RG 1 Records of the Secretary of State.

    GeneralDate Span
    Amendments and Resolutions 1969-1974
    Communications from the Governor, Inactive Gubernatorial Appointments 1998-2000
    Copies of Bills and Joint Resolutions 1969-1976, 2001-2002
    Ethics Reporting Forms 1973-1990
    Lobbying Registration - Reporting Forms 1972-2010
    House Re-Districting by the Iowa Supreme Court 1972, 1981
    Investigations (House), Iowa National Guard 1978
    Minutes, Joint Committee on Retrenchment and Reform 1944-1947
    Minutes, Legislative Committees and Standing Committees 1969-2005
    Nominations, Governors Appointments to Boards and Commissions 1985-2006
    Original Bills and Joint Resolutions, Not Adopted, House 1975-2014
    Original Bills and Joint Resolutions, Not Adopted, Senate 1963-1965, 1975-2012
    Original House Journal Files 1979-1986
    Petitions to the Senate 1971-1973
    Photographs of General Assembly Members 1866-2000
    Vetoed Bills, House and Senate 1921-1965