RG 036 Executive Council

    The Executive Council was established in 1873, then consisting of the four statewide elected officials; the governor, auditor, secretary of state, and treasurer, or any three of them. Their original assigned duties included: purchasing furniture, utilities and all necessary supplies for state offices, acting as both the State Board of Canvassers and the State Board of Equalization, and managing the states real estate. The following is a partial list of the records in our holdings from the Executive Council. A complete list of series is available at the Research Center in Des Moines.

    GeneralDate Span
    Applications for Authority to Issue Stock for Property 1907-1978
    Appropriations Ledgers 1900-1918
    Attorney General Opinions 1882-1910
    Bids, Bonds, Contracts and Specifications 1896-1952
    Blueprints and Plans
    Capitol Commission, Specifications 1903, 1966
    Capitol Planning Commission, Minutes 1971
    Correspondence 1952-1961
    Correspondence, Lands, Islands, and Lake Beds 1886-1918
    Correspondence, Letter Books 1884-1899
    Correspondence, Subject Files c.1932-1979
    Court Avenue Viaduct Project 1958-1960
    Executive Council Record 1873-1963
    Executive Council Record - Index to Executive Council Record, Authority to Issue Stock 1903-1964
    Executive Council Record - Index to Executive Council Record, Corporations c.1900-c.1950
    Executive Council Record - Index to Executive Council Record, Miscellaneous c.1900-c.1950
    Executive Council Record - Index to Executive Council Record, Real Estate (by County) c.1900-c.1950
    Executive Council Record - Index to Executive Council Record, State Agencies c.1898-c.1953
    Executive Council Record - Index to Executive Council Record, Subjects c.1900-c.1950
    General Expenses - Bill Record 1885-1896
    General Expenses - Journals 1898-1910
    General Expenses - Ledgers 1899-1901
    Minutes 1884-2008
    Minutes, Subjects and Departments - Index 1945-1990
    School Tax and Property Description Ledgers 1953-1964
    School Tax Claims 1950-1962
    AssessmentsDate Span
    Electric Transmission Lines - Certificates 1912-1928
    Electric Transmission Lines - Reports 1915-1928
    Equipment Car Companies, Lists and Reports 1909-1928
    Express Companies - Certificates 1900-1922
    Express Companies - Reports 1899-1913
    Land 1901-1913
    Light, Heat and Power Companies 1914-1920
    Railroad Companies - Abstracts of Reports 1894-1916
    Railroad Companies - Certificates 1900-1921
    Railroad Companies - Lands 1901
    Railroad Companies - Lists of Assessment and Taxing Districts 1900
    Railroad Companies - Miscellaneous, Affidavits, Arguments, Etc. 1886-1910
    Railroad Companies - Reports 1874-1923
    Railroad Companies - Sleeping Cars, Reports and Statements 1911-1916
    Record 1906-1929
    Telegraph & Telephone Companies - Certificates 1900-1928
    Telegraph & Telephone Companies - Reports 1899-1928
    Capitol Grounds ExtensionDate Span
    Bids, Bonds, Contracts, and Specifications 1911-1918
    Blue Prints, Plans, and Specifications 1918-1921
    Contracts and Correspondence 1918-1921
    Journals 1904-1918
    Ledgers 1913-1918
    Plans and Specifications 1919
    Census RecordsDate Span
    Minutes of the Census Board 1851-1873
    State Census, Population (Heads of Households) 1836-1959
    State Census, Population 1856
    State Census, Population, (Cities and Towns) 1876-1897
    State Census, Population 1885
    State Census, Population 1895
    State Census, Agricultural Abstracts 1905
    State Census, Population 1905
    State Census, Population 1915
    State Census, Population 1925