RG 022 Conservation Commission

    In 1917, the 37th General Assembly created the State Board of Conservation later renamed the Conservation Commission. The commissions primary duties were to make recommendations for acquirement of land for state parks and administer the parks. On July 1986, the Conservation Commission, the Department of Water, Air and Waste Management, Geological Survey and the part of the Energy Policy Council were combined into the newly created Department of Natural Resources. All of these former entities have separate record group designations. The following is a partial list of records from the Conservation Commission in our holdings. A complete list of record series is available at the Research Center in Des Moines.

    GeneralDate Span
    Aerial Photos, Mississippi River, Great 1 and 2 Areas 1955
    Cedar Rock (Walter Residence, Quasqueton) 1945-1961
    Comprehensive Outdoor Plans and Projects 1934-1973
    Construction Permits 1964-1981
    Construction Project Files 1917-1980
    Federal Cost Share Program, Land Acquisition Projects 1941-1973
    Field Books (Engineering)
    Field Books (Survey Notes)
    Iowa Precipitation Studies 1935
    Fisheries Proceedings/Investigations 1948-1974
    Forest Management Plans 1930s
    Milldams (Original Low Head Dam Study Manuscript) 1978
    Minutes - Board of Conservation 1918-1935
    Minutes - Conservation Commission 1935-1987
    Minutes - Fish and Game Commission 1931-1935
    State Land Acquisitions 1910-1933
    State Parks and Preserves 1963-1977
    Upper Mississippi River Conservation Commission - Proceedings 1948-1973
    Upper Mississippi River Conservation Commission - Investigation Report 1974
    Waterways and Lakes - Lakes and Reservoirs History File/Sovereign Land Jurisdiction 1910-1954