RG 010 Banking

    The Department of Banking was created in 1916 by the 37th General Assembly. Prior to becoming a separate department, banking was under the supervision of the Auditor. The following is a partial list of records from Banking available in the Archives; a complete list of series is available at the Research Center in Des Moines.

    GeneralDate Span
    Bank Contracts
    Bank Corporate Records
    Bank Corporate Records, Shareholders Lists 1975-2001
    Bank Inventories 1920s-1940s
    Bank Statistical Records 2002
    Bank Take-Overs under Senate File 111 1933
    Call Reports (Reports of Condition) 1941-1999
    Closed and Dissolved Bank Files 1970-2000
    Closed Banks 1985-1988
    Credit Union Auditing Committee Reports 1958-1962
    Credit Union Liquidation Files 1925-1964
    Earnings and Dividend Reports 1941-1959, 1970-1983