RG 009 Auditor

    The Office of Auditor was established on January 7, 1840, during the territorial period, with the auditor to be appointed by Governor with the consent of Council. With the enactment of Constitution of 1846, the office of auditor became an elected office. The following is a partial list of the records of the Auditor in our holdings. A complete list of record series is available at the Research Center in Des Moines.

    GeneralDate Span
    Abstracts of General Elections 1884
    Abstracts of Monthly Reports from State Institutions 1887-1891
    Abstracts of Original Land Entries, Adams County-Wright County 1847-1859
    Annual Reports to the Governor and General Assembly 1859-1883
    Articles of Incorporation, Amendments and By-Laws of Insurance Companies 1919-1920
    Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of Insurance Companies 1919-1920
    Assessments, County 1848-1910
    Assessments, Miscellaneous 1849-1910
    Assessments, Railroads 1854-1901
    Assessments, Telegraph and Telephone c.1869-c.1904
    Attorney General Opinions 1855-1908
    Audits of State Schools, Colleges and Universities 1903-1947
    Balance Books 1863-1895
    Cancelled State Bonds, Civil War and Defense Fund Issue 1861
    Cancelled State Bonds, Issues of 1847, 1849, 1858
    Certificates 1840-1908
    Claims 1884-1890
    Commissioners Records of Claims & Evidence for the Civil War & Defense Fund 1861-1866
    Corporations, Annual Statements of Causality, Fidelity and Surety Insurance Companies 1911
    Corporations, Annual Statements of Fire and Life Insurance Companies 1891-1909
    Corporations, Annual Statements of Fire Insurance Companies 1871-1911
    Corporations, Annual Statements of Fraternal Accident Insurance Companies 1910
    Corporations, Annual Statements of Insurance Companies 1863-1890
    Corporations, Annual Statements of Life Insurance Companies 1871-1910
    Corporations, Annual Statements of Miscellaneous Insurance Companies 1907-1911
    Corporations, Annual Statements of Mutual Insurance Associations 1888-1908
    Corporations, Annual Statements of Mutual Insurance Companies 1891-1909
    Corporations, Banks 1870-1916
    Corporations, Building and Loan 1895-1905, 1911-1914
    Corporations, Express 1897-1900
    Corporations, Insurance 1855-1916
    Corporations, Insurance Agents Record 1857-1911
    Corporations, Ledger of Annual Fees Paid by State Banks 1904-1909
    Corporations, List of Banks 1871-1882
    Corporations, Loan, Trust, and Investment Companies 1890-1915
    Corporations, Registers of Savings Banks 1874-1900
    Corporations, Registers of State Banks 1883-1900
    Corporations, Telegraph and Telephone 1890-1915
    Correspondence 1840-1912
    Correspondence, Banks 1915-1917
    Correspondence, Claims 1841-1907
    Correspondence, Insurance
    Dictionary Fund 1859-1867
    Journals 1849-1911
    Ledger and Warrant Books, Guaranty Fund Association 1883-1889
    Ledgers, County 1888-1913
    Ledgers, General 1854-1913
    Ledgers, State Institutions 1900-1933
    Letter Books, Banks 1884-1907
    Letter Books, Building and Loan 1896-1905
    Letter Books, County Officers 1871-1909
    Letter Books, Insurance 1873-1909
    Letter Books, Miscellaneous 1840-1908
    Letter Books, Miscellaneous, Revenue 1893-1904
    Letter Books, Telephone 1903-1904
    Letter Books, Warrants 1901-1909
    Orphans Home Fund 1867-1868
    Reports, State Institutions 1849-1916
    Reports, Municipal Accounting Examiners 1913-1930
    Warrant Registers 1843-1911