Nominating a Property

    Nominating a property for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places can be an exciting, yet lengthy, journey, involving research, preparation, documentation and multiple reviews.

    Evaluation and Research

    The first step is to evaluate and research the property you wish to nominate. It should be evaluated using the National Park Service’s Criteria for Evaluation. Extensive research and documentation are required to determine the significance and integrity of the property. If you are nominating a barn, school or moved building please contact us for additional guidance.

    Preparation of Forms and Material

    Nomination forms may be prepared digitally using the materials below. Read the instructions for detailed instructions on how to prepare nomination materials.

    Evaluation of Nomination

    Nominations will undergo a minimum of three reviews by the State Historic Preservation Office before being forwarded to the National Park Service for final review and listing. As the applicant, you are responsible for all research, writing and revisions during the nominating process. The State Historic Preservation Office may be contacted for technical assistance. Upon final review, all nominations will be submitted to the State Nomination Review Committee.

    Certified Local Government Review Meeting

    Many Iowa cities and counties have established local historic preservation commissions and participate in the Certified Local Government Program which assists in local preservation efforts. If a nominated property is located in one of these cities or counties, the local Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) receives a copy of the nomination and a set of photos 60 days in advance of the State Nominations Review Committee meeting. The Historic Preservation Commission and the Mayor or chairman of the Board of Supervisors will review the nomination at a public meeting and will notify and invite the property owner and preparer of the nomination to participate.

    State Nominations Review Committee

    The State Nominations Review Committee (SNRC) is made up of professionals in architecture, archaeology, architectural history, as well as interested citizens.

    Committee meetings are open to the public and held at least three times each year to review drafts of National Register of Historic Places nominations.


    Any person or government entity may appeal to the National Park Service — the nomination or listing of any historical property in the National Register of Historic Places. Appeals for nominations may also be made if a state or federal agency fails or refuses to nominate a property. Procedures for appeals are found in the National Register of Historic Places regulations.

    Listing on the National Register of Historic Places

    The final review and approval of a nomination rests with the Keeper of the National Register in the National Park Service. Owners, consultants and elected officials are notified of listing in writing.