Maintain Your Status

    Under the Certified Local Government Agreement, the local government is responsible for fulfilling the terms of the agreement. A local government must provide ongoing support for the program and the historic preservation commission. This support includes assigning a staff member to the commission. The staff member sees that the commission gets clerical assistance, prepares an annual budget and coordinates with other local commissions and agencies. In addition, the commission will need a meeting space and centralized storage space for commission files.

    The local government also provides financial support for the historic preservation program and commission. This includes a budget for office supplies, postage, telephone, printing, and photography and annual training. While grant programs help local governments defray the expense of historic preservation activities, all require a local commitment in the form of cash and/or in-kind match. The local government is the official applicant for the grant and provides the required match.    

    Review the Certified Local Government Program Guide for detailed information on maintaining your status.

    Historic Preservation Commission

    To maintain the local government’s Certified Local Government status, the historic preservation commission must meet a minimum of three times each calendar year, comply with Iowa’s open meeting law, participate in state-sponsored or approved annual training, and demonstrate a level of preservation activity.

    The historic preservation commission is typically an advisory committee to local elected officials, city or county staff and commissions, and property owners. The historic preservation commission alerts and advises on the appropriate course of action to take regarding the management and preservation of historic properties. The commission, in coordination with the local government, also initiates special projects including survey work, National Register of Historic Places nominations and educational programming. In addition, the historic preservation commission keeps the local government, city and county on track to fulfill its Certified Local Government agreement.

    The commission, with approval from the local elected officials, may take on additional responsibilities including local landmarking and design review.

    Annual Report

    The Certified Local Government is responsible for submitting an annual report documenting its preservation activities, meetings, annual training and commissioners’ information.