How to Apply

Participation in the Certified Local Government Program makes participants eligible for funding, training, technical assistance and access to a supportive network of other preservation-minded communities.


A detailed explaination of the application process is available in the Certified Local Government Program Guide. The guide also contains sample ordinance/resolution, inventory and other useful documents.

  1. Contact us to let us know of your community’s interest in the program.
  2. Your local government will then set up a local historic preservation program that is consistent with the Certified Local Government Program requirements.
  3. The local government submits an application to the Certified Local Government Program.
  4. The application is reviewed by the State Historic Preservation Office to ensure it is complete.
  5. Once the application is complete, the local government and the State Historic Preservation Office sign a Certified Local Government Agreement.

The application packet is sent to National Park Service for review and approval.