Certified Local Governments

    The Certified Local Government Program is a robust partnership between local, state, and federal governments to help communities save irreplaceable historic character.

    Through the certification process, local governments make a commitment to historic preservation by passing local legislation and establishing a historic preservation commission. The commission advises the local elected officials on matters related to historic preservation and undertakes special projects in the community.

    Iowa has the largest Certified Local Government Program in the country. More than 90 cities and counties in the state have used historic preservation programs and Certified Local Government status to revitalize downtowns and stabilize historic neighborhoods. Other communities have worked to preserve individual historic buildings such as the railroad depots in Atlantic, Carroll, Cherokee, Creston, and Council Bluffs, or the courthouses in Davis and Woodbury counties. Other communities have developed heritage tourism programs based on unique historic resources.

    The Certified Local Government Program fosters a commitment to preservation at the local level and is a critical component of preserving and increasing awareness of Iowa’s unique cultural heritage.