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the article from Anti-slavery bugle newspaper from New Lisbon, Ohio
Courtesy of Library of Congress, "William and Ellen Craft," The Anti-Slavery Bugle, 23 February 1849


The article from the abolitionist newspaper, The Anti-Slavery Bugle, recounts the story of Ellen and William Craft’s escape from slavery. Ellen wore the clothes of a man to past as the master, while her husband, William, pretended to be her servant as they escaped from Georgia. The Anti-Slavery Bugle was based in Lisbon, Ohio, and was published from 1845 to 1861. 

Transcript of Anti-Slavery Bugle Article "William and Ellen Craft"

Printable Image of "William and Ellen Craft" Article

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Describe the escape of Ellen and William Craft.
  • What does the article about the Crafts suggest about how people traveled on the Underground Railroad?
  • How was the Craft’s escape story similar to and different from other escape stories of the Underground Railroad?

Citation Information

"William and Ellen Craft," The Anti-Slavery Bugle, 23 February 1849. Courtesy of Library of Congress