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Berkshire Piglets in Korea, 1954

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Korean man with Berkshire piglets from Iowa.
Courtesy of Heifer International, 1954


In 1952, Heifer International began sending livestock to Korea in order to repopulate the country’s livestock population that had been destroyed in the war and also to provide food for refugees and those working to rebuild their lives. Heifer International continued sending livestock to South Korea until 1976. This image shows a man in Korea dressed in white lab coat and he is picking up a Berkshire piglet from Iowa. Four other piglets are pictured in the image.

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Look closely at the photo. Describe what is taking place in the image.
  • In 1952, Heifer International began sending livestock to Korea to repopulate the country's livestock that had been destroyed by the Korean War. In what ways would this help the United States strengthen its relationship with South Korea?
  • Heifer International continued to send livestock to Korea until 1976. Discuss reasons why that would have been necessary.

Citation Information

Heifer International, 1954. Courtesy of Heifer International