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Treaty of Paris, 1783

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Courtesy of National Archives, Treaty of Paris, 3 September 1783


The Treaty of Paris was negotiated to end the American Revolution. John Adams, Ben Franklin and John Jay were the American representatives. Their discussions regarding the boundaries of the United States resulted in the western border of the United States being set at the Mississippi River. Forts captured by Col. George Rogers Clark on behalf of the United States were included in the final boundary.

Full Transcription of the Treaty of Paris

Transcribed Excerpts from the Treaty of Paris

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Using this interactive tool or a modern map of the United States, trace the borders of the United States as outlined in Article 2 of the Treaty of Paris. What do you observe about the location of the Kaskaskia and Cahokia in relation to the border? What can you infer about the connection between the placement of the border and the American possession of the forts?
  • In Article 7, what did the British promise to do? Use your knowledge of American history to predict how well the British kept that promise.
  • Using Article 2 and Article 8, assess the importance of the Mississippi River to both Great Britain and the United States. Respond using two to three sentences.

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Treaty of Paris, 3 September 1783. Courtesy of National Archives