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Resolution of the Republican Governors Association Regarding Cambodia, November 20, 1979

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Resolution of the Republican Governors Association Regarding Cambodia
Courtesy of State Historical Society of Iowa, 20 November 1979


This document is of the resolution passed by the Republican Governors Association regarding a rising humanitarian crisis in Cambodia in 1979. In the resolution, the Republican Governors Association states that they support the efforts of the U.S. government to provide food, medicine and other assistance to the Cambodian people. 

Transcript of the Republican Governors Association Resolution about Cambodia

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Governor Robert Ray was part of a group of governors that represented other states within the United States. As part of this group, Ray wrote this resolution. What are the goals of this resolution? What reasons are given for why this resolution was written?
  • Why would Governor Ray want this document be recognized by other state governors?
  • What does this resolution encourage the American people to do? What does this indicate about America's efforts to help refugees?