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H.R. 5816 - To Suspend, and Subsequently Terminate, the Admission of Certain Refugees, July 14, 2016

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Courtesy of U.S. Congress, "H.R.5816 - To suspend, and subsequently terminate, the admission of certain refugees..." 14 July 2016


This U.S. House resolution, which was passed July 14, 2016, called for the suspension, and subsequent termination of the admission of certain refugees in to the United States. The resolution, also titled, "Resettlement Accountability National Security Prioritization Act of 2016," looked to scrutinize and deny admission into the U.S. for foreign nationals from some specific countries, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. 

Transcript of H.R. 5816

Source-Dependent Questions

  • What is the intent of the bill? From what countries does the bill exclude refugees? What does this bill imply about refugees from these countries?
  • Why would the bill request a "Report On The Cost Of Providing Benefits To Refugees," with the eight different points?

Citation Information 

"H.R.5816 - To suspend, and subsequently terminate, the admission of certain refugees, to examine the impact on the national security of the United States of admitting refugees, to examine the costs of providing benefits to such individuals, and for other purposes," 14 July 2016. Courtesy of U.S. Congress