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“Stonewall Wilson” Song, 1916

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Courtesy of Library of Congress, Mortimer, Robert, National Music Publishing Co. : New York, 1916


“Stonewall Wilson” is a song supporting the 1916 re-election campaign of President Woodrow Wilson. It depicts Wilson as a strong, dependable leader both militarily and economically. Wilson won the election and defeated Supreme Court Justice Charles E. Hughes - the Republican candidate. 

Transcript of "Stonewall Wilson" Song

Source-Dependent Questions

  • Before reading the song, characterize President Woodrow Wilson based on only the cover. What pieces of evidence led you to your decision?
  • After reading the song lyrics continue your characterization of Wilson. Has anything changed? Which lines from the song support or challenge your original characterization?
  • Verse two refers to Wilson as “Stonewall Wilson.” Given the context of the time period, why was this reference made?
  • Identify and list the passage in the third verse of the song that makes reference to former President Theodore Roosevelt’s domestic program. Given what is known about the Roosevelt’s failed candidacy as the Progressive Party nominee in 1912 in an election that was won by Wilson, why would the lyricist link the two?

Citation Information 

"Stonewall Wilson," Mortimer, Robert, National Music Publishing Co. : New York, 1916. Courtesy of Library of Congress