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"The Song of Armageddon," 1912

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Courtesy of Library of Congress, French, Clinton D., French Publishing Company : Kansas City, Missouri, 1912


"The Song of Armageddon" emphasizes the Progressive Party’s call for honesty in government and the major political parties in 1912. The song was composed by Clinton D. French. 

Transcript of "The Song of Armageddon"

Source-Dependent Questions

  • How did the writer of the song feel about American government and society at the time this song was written? How do you know?
  • According to the lyrics of the song what separates the Progressive Party and its candidate, Theodore Roosevelt, from the Democratic and Republican parties?
  • What type of voter would find this song and candidate appealing? Specifically, which part(s) of the song would most appeal to them?
  • Describe the role religion plays in this campaign song. Why is it useful to frame the election in religious terms?

Citation Information 

"The Song of Armageddon," French, Clinton D., French Publishing Company : Kansas City, Missouri, 1912. Courtesy of Library of Congress