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"Save America" Speech, 1920

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Courtesy of Library of Congress, Butler, Nicholas Murray, Columbia University, 1920


This speech was made by Nicholas Murray Butler, the president of Columbia University. The speech, made in 1920, was in support of the Republican Party, which Butler said will lead and guide the United States to avoid division. He said, "There are elements in our population with deductions which sound strange to the American ear. Such men frankly proclaim their preference for the political philosophy of Lenin and Trotsky to those of Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson, Webster and Lincoln."

Transcript of Nicholas Murray Butler's Speech

Source-Dependent Questions

  • According to Butler, why is it especially important that the Republican Party win the upcoming presidential election? What’s at stake?
  • Use passages from the speech to explain how Butler contrasts the Republican Party with the Democratic Party.
  • Considering the context surrounding the election, which line of this speech would be especially powerful in convincing listeners to vote for the Republican Party?

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