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“Hoover the Humanitarian!,” 1928

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Courtesy of State Historical Society of Iowa, 1928


The campaign literature contains information on Herbert Hoover's humanitarian efforts during World War I that was used during his presidential campaign in 1928. This pro-Hoover pamphlet focuses on his achievements in the mining industry and during World War I as food administrator for the federal government. 

Full Transcript for "Hoover the Humanitarian!"

Transcribed Excerpts from "Hoover the Humanitarian!"

Source-Dependent Questions

  • What purpose did the author have in mind when he or she authored this literature? What language (ex: word choice, phrases, statistics, examples, anecdotes, tone, etc.) does the author deliberately use in his/her attempt to achieve it?
  • What are Herbert Hoover’s finest qualities according to the information included in this literature? Which specific parts of the text led you to this decision?
  • In what way do the skills Hoover demonstrated during World War I transfer to the presidency? What skills did Hoover already demonstrate outside of politics that would be necessary as president? What other skills would he need?