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Thursday, December 1, 2022 - 7:00 to 8:00pm

Join the State Historical Society and Annals of Iowa editor, Andrew Klumpp, to explore Iowa’s past. Each quarter a book related to a different aspect of Iowa history will be selected and at the online book club meeting Klumpp will be joined by the book’s author or a current Iowa historian to discuss it. Book Club attendees are encouraged to submit questions to the during our meeting and the State Historical Society will provide discussion questions and resources so attendees can convene their own local book clubs to discuss the books.

Questions may be submitted when registering or during the event. Participants are encouraged but not required to read the book prior to our meeting. Most books can be found used from online book sellers or libraries. Registration is required.

Dakota in Exile by Linda Clemmons
Hosted by Andrew Klumpp and Linda Clemmons

Robert Hopkins was a man caught between two worlds. As a member of the Dakota Nation, he was accused of taking up arms against U.S. soldiers when war broke out with the Dakota in 1862. However, as a Christian convert and preacher, Hopkins’ allegiance was often questioned by his fellow Dakota. His personal and professional connections spared him from execution after the 1862 dispute, but he was unfairly imprisoned in Davenport, Iowa, while his family was forced onto a reservation in Dakota Territory. To tell this difficult chapter of American history, Illinois State University professor of history Linda Clemmons examined personal letters, newspaper accounts and federal documents that create a multifaceted account that complicates our understanding of the Midwest and serves as a testament to the resilience of the Dakota and other indigenous people.


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