Webinar: Grant Writing 101: It’s More Than Writing

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    Presented By: Laura Rhodes, Third Sector Consulting

    There's more to grant writing than just "writing". Laura Rhodes is a Certified Grant Writer and former foundation program officer who will debunk the myths about grants and help demystify the grant writing process.

    Webinar: Basics of the Arts Business Model

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    Presented By: Andrew Taylor, American University Arts Management

    Planning and launching a new arts organization or arts project, or growing a current one, demands clear thinking on a complex network of connected questions. Andrew Taylor of American University Arts Management presents a practical, plain-talking overview of business planning in the arts.

    Webinar: Demystifying Public Art

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    Presented By: Lynn Basa, Creative Capital

    Artist Lynn Basa of Creative Capital teaches visual artists how to research and apply for public art commissions. Find out whether public art is for you, how to find public art commissions and how the selection process works.

    Webinar: How to Be An Awesome Board Member

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    Presented By: Lori Jacobwith, Ignited Fundraising

    Most board members show up wanting to make a difference, but sometimes that changes. Why? It may be lack of knowledge, a boring or uninformative orientation, or a board culture that doesn’t invite new ideas and questions. Board meetings and what they focus on play an important role in being an awesome board member. The board meeting is a partnership between what the organization's staff has provided in their dashboards or reports and what the board believes is their “job.” By answering provocative questions and using the provided templates and tools, you'll learn how to support the newest or even the most savvy board members and make them feel better equipped to serve on your board.

    In-Person Workshop: Basic Branding Principles

    Presented By: Saturday Manufacturing

    Saturday Manufacturing teaches artists and nonprofits the importance of branding in a marketing plan. Learn the principles of creating your brand and how to apply it to successfully market your artistic work.

    Webinar: Expanding Your Reach: Engaging Your Board

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    Presented By: Lori Jacobwith, Ignited Fundraising

    Your board can be among your most powerful assets. Too often though the board doesn’t want to be involved in fundraising or views it as a daunting task. The result is that many board members do nothing or very little when it comes to fundraising. To address this challenge, your board members may need more clear direction and guidance about how they to participate so fundraising feels rewarding and an integral part of their board involvement. In this 1-hour webinar you will learn some concrete tools and techniques that can help make fundraising a rewarding experience for you AND your board.

    In-Person Workshop: Record Keeping and Financial Management for Artists

    Presented By: Noah Keesecker, Springboard for the Arts

    In Record Keeping for Artists, learn how to track revenues and expenses, make informed projections, and gain a clearer understanding of your artistic business finances.This workshop is part of Springboard’s Work of Art: Business Skills for Artists, a professional development curriculum designed to teach business skills to artists in all disciplines — visual, performing and literary arts. Artists can take the whole series, customized combinations, or individual workshops that best suit their needs. Springboard’s Work of Art series has been taught at arts organizations, libraries and colleges in over 80 communities in the Upper Midwest.

    Webinar: Legal Q & A

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    Presented By: David Bright, Iowa Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

    Learn about how Iowa Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts can assist artists and arts organizations in Iowa. This webinar will include an interactive Q & A with David Bright, President of Iowa Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, so bring your questions and concerns about legal topics such as copyright and trademark protection, business contracts and nonprofit formation.

    Webinar: GYST Demonstration

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    Presented By: Karen Atkinson, GYST-Ink

    Karen Atkinson, founder of GYSTInk, or Getting Your Sh*t Together will give a demonstration on just what you need to keep track of as an artist who wants a professional career. She developed software to do just that, and will use that as a template to go over professional career strategies as well as tracking your art practice. She will cover artist statements, CV's, time management, venues for artists, business issues, tracking your work, money, insurance, galleries, alternative exhibition sites, and much more. 

    Webinar: Conversations on Capitalization and Community

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    Presented By: Janet Brown, President & CEO Grantmakers in the Arts and Rebecca Thomas, Rebecca Thomas & Associates

    Grantmakers in the Arts (GIA) defines capitalization as the resources an organization needs to fulfill its mission over time. GIA’s Conversations on Capitalization and Community is a webinar for nonprofit cultural organizations and funders to discuss what it means to be well-capitalized, achieving financial health and vibrancy within the local marketplace. Goals for Conversations on Capitalization and Community are to:

    • Elevate knowledge of capitalization for nonprofits and their funders
    • Provide shared vocabulary that granters and grantees use to inform and transform grant making and nonprofit financial practices
    • Provide insights into having effective dialogues between funders and grantees
    • Facilitate discussion with funders and nonprofits about their community’s capital drivers, their institutional values and practices, and the ways that each entity fits into the arts eco-system
    • Create a greater sense of complementary practice and camaraderie for a stronger, healthier arts and culture ecosystem

    Webinar: Grant Seeking Basics for Organizations in the Arts

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    Presented By: Foundation Center

    Gain an introduction to the world of foundation fundraising. This introductory webinar provides an overview of the funding research process for those seeking grants from foundations, corporations and grant making public charities. The webinar covers:

    • What an organization needs to have in place before it seeks a grant
    • What you need to know about grant makers and how nonprofits are supported
    • How to identify funding partners
    • Resources for your grant seeking efforts

    Webinar: Grant Seeking Basics for Individuals in the Arts

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    Presented By: Foundation Center

    If you are an individual artist and looking to mount an exhibition, produce a performance, conduct research, or successfully complete any arts project, it’s likely you are looking for funding. This webinar will help prepare you for this funding search and application process. During this webinar, you will:

    • Learn how to identify funders supporting individual artists
    • Explore the option of fiscal sponsorship
    • Gain an understanding of the many paths to funding for individual artists

    Webinar: Rural Arts Marketing

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    Presented By: Adam Thurman, Author of the Mission Paradox

    All of us who work in the arts are unified by a common goal, to connect an audience to the work. Effective marketing is a vital step to achieving that goal. The challenge is that we are all trying to market in a world where time, money and audience attention is all limited.

    When you market art in a rural area, or for a rural audience, you face additional challenges when it comes to building and maintaining an audience. This webinar is designed to focus specifically on the unique issues and opportunities available for those who produce art in rural areas. The session will help you develop a marketing process that fits your artistic goals, makes the most of your resources and thrills your audience.

    Webinar: Tax Prep for Artists

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    Presented By: Ken Sturgis, CPA

    This session covers basic tax law that every artist should know.

    • How do I handle sales tax?
    • Can I deduct that meal?
    • How about a home office/studio?
    • What is this mileage log thing that everyone is always talking about?

    Webinar: Real Life Budgeting for Artists

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    Presented By: Choreographer Andrew Simonet, Creative Capital

    Led by choreographer Andrew Simonet, this ArtUp provides a practical look at budgeting for artists. It discusses misconceptions about money, four ways to improve your financial life this week, establishing life-long principles, determining your hourly rate and creating a realistic project budget.

    Webinar: Fiscal Sponsorship

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    Presented By: Theresa Hubbard, Fractured Atlas

    Theresa Hubbard, Program Specialist for Fiscal Sponsorship at Fractured Atlas, designed this webinar for anyone who is interested in using fiscal sponsorship to fundraise including both individuals and emerging organizations. The session is designed to explore the benefits of Fiscal Sponsorship and to use Fractured Atlas’s fiscal sponsorship program as a fundraising tool. The session includes an overview of fiscal sponsorship and how to apply, use the tools within the program, and how to get started with fundraising.

    In-Person Workshop: Do-It-Yourself Websites for Makers and Artists

    Presented By: Scott Kubie, Independent Designer and Content Strategist

    A web presence should support you and your business, not the other way around. Learn how to get what you need on the web done — on your own, and for not a lot of money. You'll go home with simple strategies, practical worksheets, and just enough knowledge to create a DIY website with minimal fuss and maximum impact. Participants will work directly with an experienced web content strategist who has guided both big businesses and independent makers through the process of planning, creating, and launching their websites and online marketing campaigns.

    Webinar: Kickstarter How-To

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    Presented By: Victoria Rogers, Kickstarter

    Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects, available to everybody. From feature films to public murals and objects launched into outer space, creatives have funded a diverse set of projects, building community as they share stories. Over 71,000 projects have been successfully funded on Kickstarter. Victoria Rogers, Local Partnerships at Kickstarter, shares best practices regarding how to create a successful campaign.