4 Guilt-Free Reasons to Attend The Iowa Arts Summit

    “Why on earth did you go to the Iowa Arts Summit and meet all those people and bring back all those good ideas?” said no nonprofit board ever. 

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    1. Networking, networking, networking.

    Your real estate agent will tell you it’s all about location, location, location, but we beg to differ. Where else can you meet 200 of your statewide arts and culture peers in one day? Plus, at 25 cents per handshake (give or take), you’re making a cost effective investment connecting with the movers, shakers and everyone in between who could be your next community partner, collaborator or brainstorm buddy. And who knows, they could help you bring home a winning idea for your next board meeting, strategic planning session or special event. How do you spell bang for your buck? I-0-W-A-A-R-T-S-S-U-M-M-I-T.

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    2. Somebody has to bring home the bacon and it’s probably you.

    Is fundraising a four-letter word around your office or board table? If so, you’re probably not alone. Whose job is it to raise money for your organization anyway—the board or staff? Find out from someone who knows. Lori Jacobwith of Ignited Fundraising has delivered coaching and training sessions that have helped nonprofit organizations raise $300 million from individual donors. You’ll leave her high-energy, interactive session with concrete tools and techniques that will result in raising more money from more people while dispelling some myths about the differences between fundraising and development.

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    3. You believe in the power of the arts, you just don’t know how to talk about it.

    Say no more. The intrinsic value of the arts and their hard-to-describe benefits to communities--not to mention humanity-- can be challenging to articulate. How can you be a more effective communicator when it comes to talking about the arts and reaching new audiences? The Creating Connection session just may be the answer. Learn more about this social change movement from David Fraher, President & CEO of Arts Midwest, as he shares fresh research, strategies and resources you can take back to your organization to help you map your organization’s relationship to four core public values: growth, voice, well-being and happiness. Who doesn’t support happiness?

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    4. Market research isn’t just for Wall Street.

    We don’t know who the Joneses are or what they do that’s so great, all we know is we’re supposed to keep up with them. Translation: what is everybody else doing and what can I learn from them to raise the bar for my own organization? Find out in the Flashes of Innovation session, a rapid fire session highlighting success stories from organizations around the state that are doing good and having fun doing it. Learning from your peers builds networks, builds community and brings good ideas to more Iowans.

    Long story short, the nonprofit world is tough and every day in the office counts. But $50 buys you a lot of learning and a lot of ideas your board may thank you for. Check out all the 2016 Iowa Arts Summit sessions and presenters and make sure to register today. Bring a friend to guarantee a healthy brainstorm on the car ride home. You might even learn something and have fun doing it.